I’ve got so much to be happy about.

I’ve got work, I’ve got opportunities, I’ve got things I love to do, I’ve got money, I’ve got friends, I’ve got love, I’ve got companionship, I’ve got sex, I’ve got more than most people could say.

…so why is the void still not filled?

The scars of 23

A couple of weeks month late, but relevant all the same. As I’ve said a few times earlier, 2013 stands to be the one of the worst – if not the worst – years of my life. The year I’ve spent being 23, however, wasn’t as bad. There were lessons I’ve learned, some for the first time and some I had to learn again, and I have them to thank for making 23 better (while still painful) than 22.

(I’m in the middle of writing this and I just realized something very dire – I’m gonna have to apologize beforehand if this sounds way too much like Thought Catalog. That tone definitely wasn’t the intention; this list is for my own personal consumption as much as it is for anyone stumbling across this, needing any advice.)

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To the world

I’m alive! If anyone’s still coming here and looking for me, that is. I’ve just been terribly busy. There are things I’ve been meaning to write, but it just so happens that some priorities win out more than others.